Pregnancy and Hypnobirthing

Pregnancy and Hypnobirthing


“According to physiological law, all natural, normal functions of the body are achieved without peril or pain. Birth is a natural, normal physiological function for normal, healthy women and their healthy babies. It can, therefore be inferred that healthy women, carrying healthy babies, can safely birth without peril or pain”. Dr. Jonathan Dye 1891. 

Hypnotherapy in pregnancy and childbirth is concerned with preparing the mother (and partner) for birth, allowing an easier, more comfortable and painless birth. Preparation is aimed at physical, mental and spiritual levels and the benefits for most women who are not in a high risk situation are many, such as:-

  • Understand that the pregnancy and childbirth process is normal and natural 
  • Eliminate fear and tension
  • Reduce or even eliminate pain 
  • Shorter birthing process
  • Enhanced bonding between mother, baby and partner 
  • Being relaxed to hear what the midwife is saying 
  • Accomplish birth with minimum of drugs, artificial aid and intervention 
  • Accomplish birth gently and calmly
  • Increase energy post birth
  • Happier, better adjusted babies, conducive to better feeding and sleeping routine

Hypnobirthing helps you connect with your body and learn about the process of giving birth.
It gives you the tools to enable you to go through all the areas of labour and approach these in a calm and controlled manner. I offer a private course of four, two-hour sessions but these can be tailored to your individual needs. If you are thinking of having or have been told you need a C-section, please do not let that put you off messaging.  These classes can help you in any route.

On Thursdays, I offer a 10% discounted rate on these classes from my beautiful therapy room in Headley.

The cost of a private couple’s course before the discount is £480 for 6 sessions.