Children in a classroom taking exams

Hypnotherapy for Children

I took my 10 year old son B to have a few sessions with Louisa as he has a few issues around food – from the moment we walked in the door she started building a great rapport with B. She was kind, patient and really listened to him.
We both felt so at ease with Louisa and she made B feel in control of the session and even tailored his hypnotherapy sessions around a Star Wars theme, which he loved. We have seen a real improvement in B’s eating and I would highly recommend Louisa.

“It was amazing, really relaxing and calming – it really did help me and I bet Louisa could help lots of other children – After a couple of sessions Louisa let’s you choose a theme and I chose Star Wars”

Mrs W

From anxiety to bed wetting, Hypnotherapy has proved very effective when working with children and adolescents. Each session is individually tailored to your child’s needs and targets, helping them to learn how to relax through various techniques and personal targets. If you feel your child would benefit from hypnotherapy. Please contact me and we can arrange a time for me to call you.

Treatable areas include:

Bedwetting (Enuresis) | Nail Biting | Insomnia | Divorce | Hyperactivity | Concentration Issues | Phobias | Depression | Anxiety | Anger Management | Getting Along with Siblings | Problems with New Partners | Exam Nerves | Eating Issues | Confidence | Dyslexia | Allergies | Asthma | Athletic Ability | Attitudes | Compulsive Behaviour | Creativity Enhancement | Physical Coordination | Fear of Medical Professionals | Friendlessness | Grief and Loss | Headaches | Illness | Insecurity and Lack of Confidence | Learning Problems | Low Self-Esteem | Memory Problems | Nervousness and Nervous Habits | Nightmares and Sleepwalking | Pain | Performance Anxiety | School Problems | Shyness | Sleep Disorders | Stress | Thumb-Sucking | Uncontrollable Anger