Anxiety and stress the ticking time bomb

Have you ever felt a tightening in your chest while at work?
Felt physically sick on Sunday, knowing you have work on Monday morning?
Snapped at your children or partner because you don’t have the strength to debate or listen?
This is your body’s response to anxiety and stress. Many of us find it hard to admit we are struggling and see it as a weakness. We refuse to discuss this with partners, friends, family or colleagues and prefer to hide it.
We become a shadow of our former selves, finding flaws, not sleeping and looking at an unfamiliar face in the mirror that carries all this burden. Now is the time to normalise anxiety and stress. When we share a problem or a doubt, it stops us from becoming isolated and gives us strength.
[aseo-include] When you start to feel like this, remember this article. Stop the ticking before the bomb explodes. You and your health are important. [/aseo-include]